Our RV

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Our RV

In March, we bought our first RV. We posted a single picture the day we bought it, and we hoped to follow up with many more pictures; however, between finishing work, moving to PA, and starting RV prep, it took a little while. I finally finished a video tour of the RV, though!

The Details

We ended up buying a Keystone Montana 2955RL. It was one of our top choices when we were shopping for RVs. We really liked the floorplan of this model.

RV Floorplan

It has a seating area in the back that will fit a computer desk, and it has a split bathroom (shower and toilet are separate) which makes the bedroom feel much larger. It only has one slide in the living room, so it’s possible to move around and use pretty much everything in the RV even when the slide is not extended. It also has one slide in the bedroom which gives us a bit more space.

It’s 33’ long, so it’s a little bit longer than we were aiming for, but it should still fit comfortably in pretty much any campground.

It has 66 gal. fresh water, 93 gal. gray water, and 50 gal. black water capacity. It’s hard to know how long those will last when we aren’t hooked up at a campground, but it’s more capacity than many RVs at this length have, so we’re happy with it.

The RV weighs 10,337 lbs unloaded, and it has a max capacity of 13,715 lbs. We won’t actually be able to use the full payload capacity since it would end up pushing slightly above what our truck can handle1. Between the truck and RV, though, we can still safely carry almost 3500 lbs. That gives us quite a bit of flexibility with how much stuff we can load.

RV stats aside, this specific RV was also in pretty good shape. We couldn’t find any water damage at all, and the roof is still thoroughly sealed up2. The interior is very clean, and the appliances are in great condition. It even came with a washer and dryer!

The one negative is that the previous owner clearly had a tire blow out. The wheel well was damaged, and the motor for the rear stabilizer jacks was broken too. We’re pretty sure we can fix both of those problems ourselves without much trouble, though.

  1. Our truck can tow the full weight; however, with any payload at all in the truck, we'd exceed the truck's gross combined vehicle weight rating (GCVWR). I don't anticipate having that much stuff, but we'll weigh the whole thing once we load it up just to be sure.

  2. The local RV shop offerred to do a "free" roof inspection, and we'd only pay for repairs. Surprisingly, they didn't find any problems.